• Sharing the trust
  • Collaborative groups that have the same principles to promote and market
    the concepts.
  • Not about money or egos, it’s about caring and wanting to do the right thing.
  • Organizations that have the knowledge and possibly the infrastructure to provide guidance and oversight into their specific expertise.
  • Finding those with common principles, goals and objectives and growing these networks untill they can make a difference.



  • Determining the difference in quality of food produced with Health First Principles
  • Labs and processors that are interested in collaboration or developing research and or protocols that validate quality difference
  • Would become part of the network
  • Have to know the benefits of the growing systems



  • Primary objective would be to create a demand from growers and processors for the recognition that they meet Health First standards for the products they deliver
  • Not intended as product marketing (i.e. value added) but as a principled system that says the consumer can trust the product.
  • Inadvertent benefits would be consumer demand for products grown, processed and distributed within Health First Network and infrastructure



  • Build markets across the Health First Network
    •Livestock growers purchase feed from Health First growers
    •Processors would purchase Health First products
    •Consumers would purchase products with Health First seal of approval
  • Products would have nutrient validation and identity preserved
  • Consumer products would have Health First seal of approval throughout the processing and preparation.

Seal of Approval


  • A seal of approval would be displayed for the products and/or operation
  • Criteria would be determined by the specific industry to determine Health First standards
  • Applied for and validated by the industry and reviewed for consistency
  • Consumer products would have to have processing validated as Health First and not based on grower credentials
  • Seal would resonate trust in the product



  • Network builds a pool of producer educators that understand concepts of growing Health First
  • Desire to become Health First grower
  • More emphasis on food quality than total production
  • Next step in profitable production systems
  • Partner with current educational organizations